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Churches and Boxcar

Many Churches have partnered with Boxcar to rent out their parking lots during the week. These mutually beneficial partnerships give commuters extra parking and provide Churches with an additional stream of revenue. 

Boxcar gives its properties control over which spots to rent on what days, allowing them to operate without impediment. In particular, Boxcar can accommodate Churches' needs for funerals, holy days of obligation, or any special events, allowing them to run normally. To list parking spots through Boxcar, click here.

"Boxcar has been a great partner.  The income helps us cover some general parish expenses and the support has been top notch.  Their ability to turn parking spots off during large funerals or school events is essential.  They take care of all the hard work."

Father Rob Kinnally
St. Aloysius, New Canaan, CT 

"Because of this partnership, we were able to do so much in terms of mission and outreach to the poor. Thank you!"

Rev. William M. Williams, II
First United Methodist Church 
Westfield, NJ

List Your Church's Parking

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