Need a parking space near the Concord BART station? Boxcar can help!


Through our app, you’ll be able to see, reserve and pay for parking up to 14 days in advance.


These spots are just a quick walk to the station. Download the Boxcar app today and start simplifying your commute.

50 Boxcar parking spots are a 4-minute walk from Concord BART at 1669 Ashbury Drive - Church of the Nazarene

Reserve through the Boxcar app!


Reserve the days you need, and none of the days you don't.

Avoid the last-minute parking hunt – your reserved space is waiting for you, whenever you arrive.


Designed by commuters, for commuters.

Parking FAQs:


What is Boxcar Parking?

Boxcar is a platform designed to connect parkers with property owners who have excess available space (whether it be a lot, driveway, or garage). We focus on finding parking spots in areas where current demand outstrips supply in over 45 towns nationwide.


How does it work?

Start by downloading the Boxcar app. From there, you will have the ability to sign up and make reservations. All reservations are guaranteed, and we never overbook, so you can be confident that you’ll have a space when you need it.  Search properties near your station, select a location, make a reservation.

Where are the spaces?

Boxcar's Concord spaces are located at 1669 Ashbury Drive, a 5 minute walk to the Concord BART station.


What is the cost?

In Concord, $4-$5 but in general parking spot costs vary by town and location. Each parking spot will have a price associated with it, and it will be clearly visible when viewing a location in the app.


How do I reserve a space?

You reserve a space directly in the Boxcar app. Once you’ve selected 1669 Ashbury Drive, and the days you need, you’ll click on the “Check Out” button. If you haven’t already registered and provided your vehicle and billing information, you will be prompted to do so before completing your reservation.


How do I know I have a space reserved?

Once you’ve made a reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll also be able to see your upcoming reservations on the Boxcar app home screen.

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