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Lunchbox on Main

We know that hybrid and remote learning options are tough on parents.  That is why Boxcar is partnering with Lunchbox on Main to bring you healthy lunches - without the prep and cleanup

All lunches locally prepared and delivered between 9-noon

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From the Founder:


let’s face it – finding, making and eating healthy, delicious meals in the midst of our busy days is challenging, to say the least. and when it comes to lunch - it’s nearly impossible! our minds and bodies crave quality, nourishing foods to power us through the day, yet what we end up with - expensive pre-made salads, pre-packaged foods, microwaved burritos or mix and matched snacks - leave us hungry. for more. for better.


That’s why i created lunchbox on main. as a full time working mom, juggling work, a household, a young daughter’s schedule (& everything in between!), lunch was one of my biggest pain points. do I pack a lunch? what do i bring? should I go out? what should i get? do I have time? can you relate?


I have long been a passionate foodie and cook, so when i became a casualty of corporate restructure, i decided to live my life using my love for cooking to make lunch deliciously special, personal, and easier - for all of us.

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