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Covid-Friendly Drive-in Folk Concert

The concerts will feature blues guitarist Toby Walker and singer/songwriter Vance Gilbert.

Saturday, July 25 at 6 p.m. 

Each parked car will have its own “entertainment zone” next to the car. Guests can either stay in their cars or utilize their entertainment zone. There will not be any food or refreshments to purchase on the property. Guests are asked to bring face coverings which must be worn when the guest is in motion away from their cars. Physical distancing is also to be followed. In addition to a sound system, the music will be broadcast into the cars through FM radios for those who wish to stay in their cars. No alcohol. No umbrellas. Large vans and RVs are prohibited.


Boxcar customers can get a special price on this concert - $50 per car.

Questions? Check out the FAQ or Email
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