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At-Home Grill Detailing

Let Boxcar return your grill to its former glory!

Our Grill Detailing service will remove years of grime and get your grill ready for a summer's worth of cookouts.
Over 250 Satisfied Customers in 2021!
Our grill cleaning team will make your grill look like new, from scrubbing the grates to polishing the exterior. We'll get rid of all the accumulated grease, and leave your grill shining.
Get back to tasting your food, not years of accumulated grease!
Pricing starts at just $150!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Services include:

Grill Grate Detailing
Interior Scrub and Deep Clean
Exterior Wash and Polish

Benefits include:

Removal of all built-up carcinogenic gunk
Healthier cooking and eating
A like-new grill

Here's what our very satisfied customers have to say:

"Boxcar’s Grill Detailing was great! I loved that I didn't have to do anything -- made it very convenient. I would certainly do it again."


- Dave R., Chatham


"Boxcar's Grill Cleaning was awesome -- careful to be neat and clean up afterwards. My grill looks like new!"


- Andre V., Chatham

Before and After Boxcar

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Copy of 210614_240Longwood_A2.HEIC
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Boxcar's Grill Detailing comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Just ask one of our hundreds of happy customers in 2021!

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