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Knife Sharpening

Boxcar’s knife sharpening service helps keep your knives in "chef shape"

We believe that cooking’s more fun with the right tools. So, we’ve partnered with Jerry, a local bladesmith with 8 years experience and over 10,000 knives sharpened, to bring you a fast, easy and reliable knife sharpening option!
$49 For First 5 Knives
$44 For Each Additional 5 Knives 

$5 For Pick-up & Drop-Off
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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What can be sharpened?

All flat edged kitchen knives
Serrated knives with wide grooves
Most kitchen cutlery including folding knives
Pizza wheels

If you have a question, please email us!

Sharp knives are:

Easier to use - requires less pressure to cut

Quicker and more efficient in cutting

Safer to use - the edge goes where you direct it, vs dull knives which can slip

Here's what our very satisfied customers have to say:

"Our knives came back quickly and are now razor sharp. This is an incredible value and an easy way to level up our day-to-day meal prep. As with everything Boxcar, it was simple and high quality!"


— Kimberly K., Cranford


"I didn’t realize how dull my knives had gotten over time. After Jerry sharpened them they’re like new, for a fraction of the cost."


— Chris H., Chatham

Before and After:

Knife Before After1.jpg
Knife Before After2.jpg
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