Most Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation by going into the “View My Reservations” tab, sliding the reservation to the left, and clicking on the  “CANCEL” option that appears.


How do I delete or “make default” a credit card

From the “My Cards” screen (Home Screen > Update My Account > Cards), drag the card that you would like to edit to the left. You will see 3 options: DEFAULT w/ Bus Symbol (Transportation), DEFAULT w/ Car Symbol (Parking), and CANCEL. Click on the option that you prefer.


Can I use a commuter benefits account to pay for my Boxcar services?

Yes, you can. We are currently able to accept a number of commuter benefits providers. If you would like to inquire about your specific provider, please email us at

Bus FAQs:

How do I purchase my ticket?

Tickets are booked on our app and displayed in our app.  You’ll notice that if you select a future bus reservation, the ticket will have a white background and colored outline.  On the day the ticket is active, the background will change to the same color as the outline.  All bus routes have distinct colors.  Please have your smartphone at the ready and Boxcar app open to your ticket when boarding the bus.


Will these buses be able to use the commuter bus lanes heading into the Lincoln Tunnel?

Yes, they will.


Where do the buses pick up?

Madison: The bus picks up on Kings Rd in front of the municipal building.

Chatham: The bus picks up on Railroad Plaza in front of the Chatham Train Station. This is the westbound or “Main St” side.


Can I use my bus ticket for Chatham, or just Madison?

If you book a ticket on any of the Madison & Chatham buses, you can use it to board at either location.


What is the WiFi password on the bus?

The WiFi password is “betterwithboxcar”, in all lowercase letters.


Can I cancel my bus ticket?

You can cancel bus tickets up to 5 minutes in advance in the Boxcar app for a full refund.  Just tap on your reservation and click cancel or swipe left and hit the trash can icon.


What type of buses are these?

All buses are at least 2016 models or later and are equipped with wi-fi, power outlets, restrooms, and air conditioning.


Who do I contact if I need support?

Between 9am and 5pm, please contact 908-497-0001

Outside those hours, or if you are not connected directly to a member of our team at the above number, call 908-485-PARK (7275)

Email for a quick response

Don't see your question here? Email us at and we'll answer your question right away