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Tired Dogs Are Happy Dogs

• Trusted walker who knows your dog
• 3+ hours of on-leash exercise
• Mental & physical stimulation - your dog comes home tired & happy
• Pick up and drop off included

What is a Pack Hike?

A Pack Hike is a 3 hour, on-leash group adventure for your dog. Each Pack is made up of 8-10 dogs of varying sizes, breeds and ages. The walks will take them to different parks and trails, providing both exercise and socialization.


What’s There to Love About Pack Hikes?


Pack Hikes are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday - choose 1, or all 3!


Pick up and drop off are included.


Your dog will return home tired and happy, ready for a great evening with the family.

Let Your Dog Join the Pack

The calming energy of the pack creates a unique camaraderie that helps dogs thrive. Being exposed to a diversity of breeds and temperaments helps create a well-rounded, confident dog. Along with exercise and socialization, pack hikes provide the mental stimulation that most dogs are lacking.
Reserve your Pack Hike today, and enjoy a calm, happy dog!
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