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The Scooters are Coming

July 23, 2018

MADISON, NJ—Boxcar, Inc., in partnership with Inboard Technology and the Borough of Madison, is today announcing a pilot program aimed at reducing congestion downtown and streamlining residents’ commutes through the use of electric scooters.


Boxcar is currently accepting applications for participants in this trial, which will begin in September.  Residents who live within a 2.5 mile radius of the respective train stations can apply online. The program, at no cost to taxpayers or those commuters who are selected, will provide participants with Inboard electric scooters to use during their daily commute to the station. During the day, scooters will be stored for them, ready for their return home in the evening.


“Boxcar has solved the first-mile problem in many suburban communities with our parking app, which lets commuters reserve parking spots in traditionally non-commercial lots, like churches, near train stations” says CEO Joe Colangelo. “Our goal isn’t to turn suburban downtowns into parking lots, though.  We’ll pursue any solution that helps make it easier for commuters to get to the train station and help them access public transportation and reduce traffic on the roads.”


Electric scooters are becoming more common in communities around the country, helping bridge the gap between walkable and drivable distances. With their small, powerful DC motors and rechargeable batteries, electric scooters provide a green alternative to driving for commuters who live too far from a train or bus station to comfortably walk. Their use can also free up valuable downtown parking in communities where that supply is limited.


“If this trial is successful,” says Madison Mayor Bob Conley, “we anticipate that instead of sitting idle during the day these electric scooters may eventually be used by non-commuters or, in the case of places like Madison, employees who work in Giralda Farms and other nearby office sites.”


Until now, investors and tech companies have been focused mainly on urban markets for this technology. This new partnership opens it up to the suburban commuter as well. “Bringing a pilot program here is an exciting opportunity,” says Colangelo. “


"As cities and their surroundings are now home to more than 50% of the global population, some challenges naturally arise; particularly the congestion and pollution generated by idling traffic,” says Inboard’s Erik Joule. “Inboard believes that by offering lightweight transportation alternatives, it can be part of the solution to these challenges. Boxcar is committed to alleviating these issues out in the suburbs; its values, general approach, and vision of creating more sustainable and connected suburban centers are aligned with ours and we are excited to team up in this initial test."


About Boxcar:

Boxcar, Inc., is a suburban-focused mobility services company which strives to take the stress out of daily commuting. The company works with properties near transportation hubs to provide parking in otherwise underutilized parking lots such as churches, funeral homes, and social clubs. Commuters can access this parking through the company’s app, providing a solution to downtown parking issues and a revenue stream for property owners. Since its launch in April 2017, Boxcar has facilitated more than 35,000 parking reservations.


About Inboard:

Inboard Technology is an electric transportation startup which produces e-boards (and soon e-scooters!) to offer viable lightweight alternatives to help solve the “Last Mile Challenge.” Based in Santa Cruz, California, with a satellite office in Los Angeles, it is committed to creating more sustainable, more connected cities.

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