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Express Bus Service

It has been a rough few months for New Jersey commuters. Derailments and delays have pushed New York tunnel infrastructure, and its commuters, to the breaking point.

In an attempt to ease the pain, Amtrak will be completing maintenance on the tracks that carry trains under the Hudson Tunnel and into Penn Station. This maintenance is expected to last from July 10th to September 1st and will reduce the usable track bandwidth by one third.

To cope with the resulting limited capacity, NJ Transit will redirect all Morris and Essex Midtown direct trains to Hoboken, where midtown commuters will transfer to the PATH and, after an additional 14 minute ride, arrive at 33rd St.

Boxcar is aware that this shutdown, which is expected to increase commute times 1-2 hours daily, will drastically degrade the quality of life for affected commuters.

To ease the additional burden placed on commuters by this modified schedule, Boxcar began researching the operation of midtown-direct charter buses in early June. After spending two weeks interviewing over 250 commuters we assessed that there was high demand for direct-to-midtown alternatives during this shutdown.

We shared this information with townships whose commuters will be most affected by this shutdown. Across the board, we found that representatives of every municipal government shared the same desire: to assist their resident commuters as much as possible.


All buses are 2014 or later luxury models and equipped with wi-fi, power outlets, air-conditioning, and bathrooms.


We expect additional origin locations to be added in the next couple of days and are currently finalizing details with township and borough officials. These officials are working to balance their advocacy for their commuting residents with their responsibility to protect public safety and ensure that bus pickup and drop offs are in compliance with their town code.

The below schedule will be updated to include service additions as they are made.

Our customers place a lot of value on their time, and rightfully so. They have shared with us how having reserved parking in the mornings alone has changed their lives for the better, letting them spend more time at home in the mornings. During the hot summer, we hope this air-conditioned midtown-direct alternative will serve them well.

To reserve bus tickets, download the latest version of our mobile app, available for iPhone and Android.

Note on Service

We are currently offering morning-only service. Arranging return logistics with street pickup is a very costly and challenging endeavor that we are still working to solve.

74% of our 251 survey respondents said that they would prefer morning service over no service.

If there is sufficient interest in our initial bus service and follow-on interest in return trips, we will do our best to add evening service as July 10th approaches. Check out our Bus FAQs for any questions you may have. Email to express interest in these return trips or ask additional questions.

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