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The First Day of "Summer of Heaven" for Boxcar Customers

Boxcar’s bus service into New York City had a great first day.

Most importantly: Buses left the following stations on time and arrived to Penn Station under an hour.

All six buses showed up at least 45 minutes early to allow passengers to board early and enjoy the air conditioning.

The Murray Hill/New Providence Bus

We enjoyed a visit from the mayor of Madison, Bob Conley.

Boxcar buses cruised through the tunnel traffic.

Passengers had a great time. Some feedback:

  • I took the bus this morning to Park and 34th. Thought the service was great. SOOOO easy. Thanks for making this summer commute easier.

  • Service was excellent. Hoping the service continues post completion of Penn Station repairs.

  • I was on the bus from Chatham and it got me to my midtown office by 8:30am. I have now signed up for all the July days that I am planning to be in the city. Thanks for making it happen and turning a potential business crisis into (hopefully) a business solution. I know how hard it is to make that kind of move in a short timeline, and I was particularly impressed at how you continually worked with your customers to get it right (so many companies skip that step...)

  • In my twelve years commuting into New York City, I've never enjoyed my morning commute so much. Thanks!

The complete schedule went really well, and we're looking forward to another 39 days of this!

Have questions about our service? e-mail or visit our Bus FAQ.

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