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Go more places with Boxcar

Over the last 8 months Boxcar has operated more than 500 commuter bus trips, delivering a quality product with a 100% on-time departure rate.

Ground Force One: 6 Luxurious Seats & 2 Large Flat Screen Televisions

We know that transportation isn’t only important during a commute, though. Many of our customers have approached us with requests to provide a-la-carte transportation services for non-commuter events, and we have been happy to oblige. Today we want to open that up to the broader customer base at Boxcar.

We are happy to assist our customers with any special trips or events that could benefit from transportation services, including:

  • Weddings

  • Proms

  • School Trips

  • Inter-city travel (trips to Boston, DC, or the Jersey Shore for example)

  • Athletic trips

We can offer a range of equipment for this travel, including:

  • 2-passenger Rolls Royce Phantom

  • 7-passenger "Ground Force One" Luxury Sprinter (pictured above)

  • 14-passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

  • 39-passenger minibus

  • 56 passenger motor coach

Boxcar will provide the same level of personalized customer service we are known for to all transportation charters that we fulfill, and we will guarantee on-time, professional service.

To request a quote or more information, email or call 908-485-7275

14-Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Interior

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