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Boxcar buses coming to Cranford & Westfield

We've got great news for commuters in Cranford and Westfield - Boxcar is ready to take the stress out of your morning and give you the one-seat ride to midtown that you deserve. Our private bus service, with a route that makes sense for your commute, is launching May 29th, the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

This expansion is especially meaningful to all of us at Boxcar, since our company was founded in, and inspired by, commuters in the town of Cranford.

So, what sets our buses apart, besides the comfortable seats and reliable air conditioning?

  • Reserved seating. Say goodbye to wondering if you’ll be able to squeeze on to the bus. If you have a Boxcar ticket, you’re guaranteed a seat on that bus.

  • Free WiFi. Each of our buses is equipped with WiFi. Whether you are getting a jump start on work, or just catching up on email, we’ll make it easier.

  • Dedicated, professional drivers. You'll see the same driver each morning, and know you are in good hands with someone who cares about your comfort and safety.

  • Responsive customer support. If you ever have a question, leave something behind on the bus, or have a suggestion for how we can improve our service, email us. We'll do our best to take care of it as quickly as possible.

  • Convenient drop-off locations. Our buses drop off curbside at 42nd & 8th, 42nd & 6th, 43rd & Madison, 47th & Madison, 52nd & Madison and 57th & Madison. For a majority of the riders on our current buses this makes for a one-seat commute, with no subway necessary!

  • Express Service. Buses use the Express Bus Lane for a faster commute.

At Boxcar, we are always looking for ways to take the stress out of commuting. We hope that by expanding our bus service to Cranford and Westfield we can do just that. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email at

Morning Schedule:

  • Westfield (Train Station, North Side): 6:40, 7:10

  • Cranford(Train Station, North Side): 6:50, 7:20


  • 20-Pack* - $11.49/ride

  • 10-Pack* - $12.99/ride

  • Single Ride - $13.99

*(All multi-packs are valid for one year after date of purchase)

How to purchase

  • Download the Boxcar app in Google Play or the Apple App Store

  • Select the days/times you'd like to reserve a seat and purchase with credit card (cancel with a refund up until the moment the bus leaves its first stop)

  • All tickets are displayed in the mobile app the day of the ride

  • YES! Boxcar accepts most major commuter benefits programs, including Wageworks and TransitChek

More questions? Check our Bus FAQ or email You can also call us at 908-485-7275.

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