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A Second Summer of Hell?

Last year it was train issues - this year it looks like construction surrounding the Lincoln Tunnel will cause headaches for folks who commute to NYC. Luckily, as of now, the express bus lanes will be unaffected by construction, and Boxcar would like to help cure those headaches for Madison and Chatham commuters!

We’ve been approached by a number of people recently who are interested in a 5:45 am/5:50 am bus from Madison/Chatham, to replace their usual drive or carpool during construction. We’re thinking about holding an informational get-together in the next week to gauge interest in this early option.

If you know someone who currently drives in to the city early and would be interested in trading that headache for a stress-free Boxcar commute, please ask them to email as soon as possible. If we have enough interest, we’ll get a bus started to help get people through this new commuting horror.

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