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New Boxcar Pickup Locations

Starting tomorrow (December 11th) Boxcar will add two additional pickup locations for its bus customers in Westfield and Cranford, in response to customer requests!

After departing the Westfield train station, Boxcar will pick up at 440 North Ave E, located between Vine Ripe Markets and McIntyre's, at 6:26 am and 6:56 am. Boxcar has 40+ parking spots available at this location that commuters can reserve for the new low price of $2 daily. Parking at these two locations this week will be free for all bus riders.

After picking up at the Cranford train station, Boxcar will do an additional pickup just West of John Street on North Avenue at 6:36 and 7:06 am.

These new stops will be "hailing stops" - if you want to board the bus, reserve your ticket through the Boxcar app, then wave when you see the bus. Stops and pickup times at both the Westfield and Cranford train station will remain the same.

Core to Boxcar's mission is an effort to remove commuter vehicles from suburban town centers, where they sit idly by all day in spots that could be more efficiently used by shoppers and downtown employees. We hope that these additional spots and pickup locations do just that!

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