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Return Service

Return service has been Boxcar’s number one requested feature since launching our morning bus service in July of 2017.

While round trip service aligns 100% with our mission of improving the commuter experience, success has been elusive for a number of reasons. These include the lack of a dedicated return bus lane, the large difference in when commuters leave work in the afternoon, and New York City regulations which prohibit motor coaches from idling in areas convenient to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Boxcar is excited to announce that we are launching return service from New York City to Summit, Chatham and Madison starting Monday, March 11th, using smaller 14-passenger Sprinter-style vans operated by MyLimo.

These don’t have WiFi or bathrooms on board, but do have comfortable seats and will provide a safe, reliable ride home (without stepping foot in Penn Station). Plus, because they will arrive at the pickup location 15 minutes early, you can wait comfortably until departure.

We will operate this service for Madison, Chatham, and Summit commuters through April 15th, at which point we will assess how the service can be improved and, if successful, expanded to serve our Westfield/Cranford commuters.

Details on the service can be found below. Please give it a try at some point in the next month and send your feedback to


  • NYC Pickup: 41st Street between 7th Ave and 8th Ave - look for the high top van with MyLimo on the side.

  • Schedule: Monday-Friday with departures at 5:00, 5:45, and 6:30pm

  • Route: Summit Station, Chatham Station, Madison Station

  • Cost: $14.99/trip (as low as $7.50 with in-app discounts)

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