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Announcing Boxcar Memberships

We’re about to roll out something the Boxcar team is very excited about: Monthly Boxcar Memberships! For bus riders, these will replace the current Multi Pack system, eliminating the need to remember to add credits each month. For parkers, this will add additional benefits and help you make sure you always get your favorite parking spot.

We’re launching memberships for a couple of reasons. The first is to make it easier for riders to access our discounted tickets. Prior to this, customers would email us to manually purchase a Multi Pack. With memberships, discounted tickets are just two clicks away in our app.

Second, we want to reward the customers who use Boxcar most frequently. Approximately three quarters of our transit customers will save money with the new system.

Third, Boxcar wants to continue making life better for commuters. That includes return bus service (launching Monday in Chatham, Madison and Summit), a co-working space in Chatham (details coming soon), and additional local partnerships that benefit our members. As we add additional membership benefits, this structure fully aligns Boxcar's interests with those of our customers.

You can find all our memberships in our Android and iPhone apps. Below is a quicks summary of what you'll find:

  • Analyst ($4.99/month): This is our least expensive membership, targeted towards bus riders who may have previously purchased multi-packs manually. Bus riders will receive 20% off all their bus tickets ($11.19-$11.99). These customers will also get a chance to see exactly how many seats remain on each bus and cancel their bus tickets up until 5 minutes prior to departure.

  • Associate ($11.99/month): For our parking customers who may have a favorite spot, Associate extends their ability to reserve parking by 14 days (from 14 to 28 days in advance). It also lets them see how many parking spots remain at a location on a given day and is paired with 5% off parking, plus free parking on their birthday!

  • Vice President ($74.99/month): For our regular bus riders, this package gives deeper discounts (50% off ticket price), the ability to cancel your ticket up until departure, and a free bus ticket on your birthday.

For those who ride our buses in Chatham, Madison, or Summit, below is an overview of what per-ticket prices will be with each membership plan:

Finally, if memberships aren't your thing, we totally understand. Through Monday we'll be selling our traditional ticket Multi Packs and raising the limit to 50 trips.

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