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Boxcar is always looking for new ways to improve suburban mobility. Last year we partnered with the Borough of Madison to see whether electric scooters might help commuters get to and from the train station more easily and ease the burden on downtown commuter parking. We distributed 24 scooters and over 6 weeks saw an average of 8 people per day using their scooters for their first-mile commutes, as well as running errands and riding just for the joy of it.

Electric scooters have a number of benefits over other single-person transit methods:

  • Faster than walking

  • Less sweaty than a bicycle

  • Require less balance than an electric skateboard

  • Don't feel as dorky as a segway.

Boxcar won't be running a scooter sharing program in 2019, primarily due to the high cost of insurance and our need to focus our limited resources on improving and expanding our suburban parking. It's also not clear that any shared scooter program would be successful in the suburbs, where space is less of a concern and many people will prefer to own their own scooters.

Scooter Sale

We've had so much interest in these scooters, though, that we reached out to Segway-Ninebot to see whether we might be able to get our customers a good deal on their best-in-class scooter, the ES2. We're happy to announce that, for the next week, we are selling a max of 100 Segway ES2 scooters at a steep discount.

Boxcar will sell 100 ES2 Scooters (typically $589) for $459 for the next week (order by 3 pm on Friday, June 21st).

Some features of the ES2 electric kickscooter include:

  • Top speed of 15.5 MPH

  • Travels 20 miles on a single charge

  • Weighs 28 pounds

  • collapsible for easy stowage and transport

  • Headlight/tail lights/undercarriage LEDs

For Boxcar's main service areas (Union and Morris Counties, New Canaan and Darien) Boxcar will deliver your scooter for no charge. We will deliver scooters to the Westchester, Fairfield, and Nassau Counties for a $20 charge. Customers outside that area are not eligible for scooter delivery but can arrange to pick up a scooter at Boxcar's Newark or Chatham offices for no fee.

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