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Boxcar Goes to the Movies

As we all work on adjusting to the “new normal” and people start to head out into the world again, lots of things are changing. Some stay the same, though, no matter what: families look for fun things to do together. Towns look for opportunities to engage with residents. Local restaurants look for creative revenue streams. And everyone wants to know the secrets of the Fire Swamp.

At Boxcar, we’ve found an answer for all of these, wrapped in a fun, socially-distanced package: drive-in movies, starting with The Princess Bride in Madison May 29!

Click Here to see Boxcar's full Drive-In Movie Schedule

We’re working with towns around the state to bring these pop-up drive-ins to unused parking lots, providing a great night out for residents. Since viewers stay in their cars, everyone can keep their distance while still enjoying a family-friendly movie.

Best of all, Boxcar's versatile platform will turn dinner and a movie into one-stop shopping. Movie goers will reserve their space through the app – one ticket for the whole car. And to make the night complete, we’re partnering with local restaurants to provide carside delivery of dinner specials and snacks, which can also be purchased through our app.

While drive-in movies are a departure from Boxcar’s traditional parking business, they still fulfill our company mission: simplifying life for our customers while partnering with municipalities to provide innovative options they didn’t have before. Can it get any better than that? Inconceivable!

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