Cocktails, Boxcar style!

Every Memorial Day, we host a big barbecue for friends and neighbors. While the food is generally the same – hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled veggies and flag cake – one thing that changes each year is the drinks. Thanks to friends who are bartenders, wine writers, and brewers, we’ve had everything from a G&T bar to sangria to home-brewed craft beer.

This year, of course, will be a little different. More FaceTime than face time, unfortunately. But we’ll still have great food (from Boxcar’s BBQ in a Box, of course). And thanks to the Boxcar Cocktail Mixer Box, I’ll be able to create some perfect summery drinks for the long weekend. After I ordered my Cocktail Box, I reached out to those same friends to see what they thought I should make with the ingredients. Here’s the list of my favorites, in case you need some inspiration for using your box, too!

This blueberry mojito is the most patriotic drink I’ve had in a long time. Leave out the rum, and it’s also a perfect red white & blue mocktail for the kids!

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer evening than a G&T, if you ask me. But add some cucumber and mint, and it takes this simple drink to a whole new level.

Everyone has a favorite margarita. Sometimes it’s fun to spice things up a little, though – jalapeno gives this one just enough kick!

Tangy grapefruit juice adds just the right tang to a classic Paloma – perfect on a hot day.

Looking for something a little more classic? Use the tomato juice and celery in the box for a perfect Bloody Mary.

Or muddle some of that mint into a Mint Julep (Boxcar CEO Joe Colangelo’s personal favorite)!

Most of the ingredients in the Cocktail Box would make great popsicles, too – just freeze juice and your favorite berries, and keep everyone happy on a warm, sunny weekend! Or, if you want a grown-up version, try these cucumber-lime-gin pops – they are definitely on my list for the long weekend!

I know I’ll be making a few of these this weekend. If you give the recipes a try, be sure to share your pictures with us!

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