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Bringing Back Boxcar Buses

Boxcar Buses are coming back to Madison and Chatham!

As we navigate the new world of commuting, all vehicles will operate at 50% of their capacity. We are starting with a single am bus departing Madison at 6:15 am and Chatham at 6:20 am. In the evening, we’ll provide service with 3 sprinter vans, which will allow for a total capacity of 29 daily round trips to and from New York City. Baby steps.

If we are able to fill these reduced capacity buses, service will resume on July 6th and we will work to increase capacity and add additional departures as time goes on.


As always, our customer’s safety is of paramount importance. Boxcar’s initial bus reopening will be operated by Empire Chauffeured Limo Services, who has created a safety overview that is available for viewing here (link).

Drivers and riders must wear masks, hand sanitizer will be available upon boarding, and full contract tracing will be implemented by Boxcar’s software. Air will not recirculate—fresh air will be constantly brought in from outside.

Price and Capacity

Price of our morning bus service will increase to $19.99, with only 29/58 seats available to reserve.

Our evening van/limo service, priced at $39.99, will be limited to 10 riders per van, which will ensure that all commuters have an empty seat next to them.

We will offer Boxcar Commuter memberships which, for $24.99/month, will allow customers to purchase tickets at a 25% discount. Existing Analyst and Vice President members will continue to be grandfathered in with their old status and receive commensurate benefits but these membership levels will be sunsetted for all non-members.

Start Date

Boxcar is aiming to restart service on July 6th, but we are not in a position to run empty buses. If we are not able to fill these vehicles to their 50% capacity, we will push back the start date on a weekly basis until we are able to do so.


Boxcar's route will remain the same, dropping customers closer to work without transfers or requiring underground mass transit.

In the evening our vans will leave from W 45th St, between 6th and 7th Ave and travel directly to Chatham and Madison stations

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