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Boxcar is growing, again!

When we started Boxcar a little over 4 years ago, we had a lot of questions. But one thing we never questioned was our dedication to our customers. We always aimed to treat them well and provide service that removed the stress from what could be a very difficult part of the day - commuting. As Boxcar has grown and evolved, our customer focus has remained, driving everything we do.

For the last 4 years, most of our customers have gotten to know April as she answers questions and solves problems as our Director of Customer Success. As Boxcar continues to pivot to better serve our customers, I’m happy to announce that April will be taking on a new role - that of Boxcar’s first Chief of Staff!

As Chief of Staff April will work closely with me, helping to oversee the daily work that keeps Boxcar growing—everything from operations and marketing to customer service. She’ll also be working with Owen on lots of special projects in our new initiative, “Powered by Boxcar” (you’ll hear about that more soon).

April’s step up in the Boxcar world leaves us with an opening for a new team member - a part-time Customer Service Associate. Because we are such a customer-focused company, I’ve always considered this role one of the most important we have. We need someone who shares our passion for the suburbs, loves answering questions and solving problems, and can work in a fast, often-changing environment. If you know someone who fits the bill, please have them send a resume and cover letter to - we’d love to talk to them!

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