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Boxcar's Fairfield Flyer!

You can’t talk about the history of rail travel in America without talking about the New Haven. The Hartford and New Haven Railroad came to Darien in 1848, when the town’s population was a mere 1,154. The railroad would turn this sleepy farming hamlet into, (first) a vacation destination for wealthy New Yorkers and then later into a thriving year-round community anchored by New York commuters.

Over time, this little railroad grew not only into one of America’s largest companies, but it transformed the Northeast and New England region from New York to Boston. Transportation transformed a sleepy farm region into a bustling manufacturing region with thriving commerce and community.

In 2017 Boxcar launched our premium bus service in New Jersey and since then over 3,000 commuters have chosen to ride our luxury buses with Wi-Fi, power outlets, and professional chauffeurs rather than drive themselves to work.

On December 1st Boxcar will launch our first Connecticut route, giving Darien area commuters a luxurious direct ride to Midtown, Hudson Yards, Chelsea, Tribeca, and the Financial District. We're in talks with several other Connecticut towns, as well, and hope to expand our pickups soon.

Our new bus will pick up each morning at Darien Train Station and Noroton Heights. From there we’ll head straight to NYC, making tops at Bryant Park, Hudson Yards, North Chelsea, South Chelsea, Tribeca, Goldman Sachs, and Battery Park. In the evening we’ll run the route in reverse, before dropping our riders off at Noroton Heights and Darien.

Boxcar is VERY excited to work with our new partners DATTCO, a third-generation family-owned transportation business that has called Connecticut home since their founding. Their luxury buses and professional drivers will help Boxcar elevate your commute - I hope we see you on the bus soon!

Click here to learn more or download the Boxcar app in the App Store or Google Play to reserve your ticket.

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