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Boxcar's New (Tiny) Home

Since I started Boxcar as a parking company four years ago, my goal has been simple – I wanted to make life easier for our customers. Our parking and bus services save people time each day, which is a precious resource especially as everyone heads back to work. Over the last 18 months, as fewer people have been commuting, we’ve looked at other ways to streamline life for our suburban customer base. Offering services like grocery deliveries, grill and auto detailing, and knife sharpening through our app and website has helped hundreds of our customers have a little more time for the things they enjoy, while we take care of the To Do list.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that in addition to our app, Boxcar will have a physical presence in Westfield – we've been awarded the contract to run the kiosk at the Westfield Train Station starting this fall! We see this as a great opportunity to help the commuters of Westfield save time as they head back to work, providing Boxcar’s services as well as a welcome jolt of caffeine each morning (we’re partnering with a local coffee shop for the java).

Now, here’s where I need your help. The Boxcar team has lots of ideas for what we’d like to see in the kiosk in addition to delicious coffee. But more important – what would you like to see? What could we provide in the morning that would make your life just a bit easier? Is there a service you’d like to book, or a product you’d like to buy, before you start your commute? What would you like to cross off your list before your day begins, knowing Boxcar will take care of it? Please email me ( and let me know. And make sure to stop by the kiosk and say hi!

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