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Boxcar + The Noe Pond Club!

Boxcar is excited to announce that we have committed to being the Operating Partner for The Noe Pond Club. We will be responsible for daily operations as well as member services at this historic local institution.

Over the last 5 years, Boxcar has established itself as a responsive and innovative company with an ability to execute operationally, a strong focus on customer experience, and deep roots in the community. Providing high-quality services to suburban customers is in Boxcar’s DNA, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring that to The Noe Pond Club this summer. We believe in what the Management Team at the club is going to build, and that our experience, understanding of our customers, and focus on providing value make us a very good long-term partner.

The Boxcar Team lives in the communities we serve. We have families and we have children. We understand what Noe has been for prior generations, and the value in preserving Noe for future generations. We will be members at Noe, and will be managing the club with the Membership’s interests at heart.

As I’ve previously mentioned, Boxcar is excited. More specifically, Joe, April and I are excited. We’re excited by the opportunity to be part of something meaningful that brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. It’s our hope to be able to share this experience with as many families as possible. Noe is back and will be better than ever. If you’re interested in joining us for this journey, we’d love to have you!

We hope to see you at The Noe Pond Club this summer!

Owen Lee & The Noe Pond Club Team

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