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Bus Riders Are Back!

It's now been 500 days since demand for Boxcar services fell 100% and stayed there for what seems like ages. During that time we have learned a lot - some good, some bad, but all useful. Most importantly, we've kept our company going so that now, as things start to approach normal again, we can get back to what we love - making commuting (and life) easier and more comfortable for our customers. Thanks for commuting with Boxcar, both now and in the future.

We restarted our bus service 40 weeks ago and in the last few weeks we have seen demand pick up significantly (take a look at the graph to the left). It's wonderful to see so many people return to in-person work as vaccination rates climb and infection rates drop. We've done our best to add routes to compensate for this demand in our core towns, and are are looking at ways to expand our service. If you know someone who would like to commute with Boxcar from a town we don't currently serve, please ask them use the Request Route button to let us know!

A few of our buses in Convent Station/Madison/Chatham have started selling out recently, (at our 2/3 capacity cap). If you are riding, please remember to book ahead to ensure you have a seat! We've also added a later bus with an 8 am departure from Convent Station - if you know anyone who heads to NYC a little bit later, please let them know.

Many customers have been asking about our mask policy recently. We've worked with our bus company partners (and their attorneys) to make sure we are following the current Federal DOT regulations, which require masks on buses. We appreciate your continued patience with these guidelines as we await federal guidance updates (which is about as exciting as it sounds). Once something changes, we will let all of our riders know.

We all love what we do here at Boxcar. Making you happy makes us happy, so let us know what we can do to make you happier.

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